SWEDISH – Simply Relaxation

Duration: 60 mins          Php 950.00

Duration: 90 mins          Php 1,100.00

The most popular relaxation massage in the world.  A classic Swedish style massage employing gliding strokes to improve circulation, assist lymphatic flow, calm nerves and promote relaxation.



Duration: 60 mins          Php 900.00

Duration: 90 mins          Php 1,050.00

Shi meaning ‘thumb’ and Atsu meaning ‘pressure’, this ancient form of Eastern acupressure massage revi-talizes the body by releasing muscle tension and reducing fatigue.



Duration: 60 mins          Php 1,150.00

 This is a magical combination of the ancient healing techniques of Japanese Shiatsu and deeper more specific Swedish massage strokes.  Sink into a deep state of relaxation while your body’s energy flow is unblocked and your muscles are stretched and treated using a variety of rhythmical movements.



Duration: 60 mins          Php 1,150.00

Duration: 90 mins          Php 1,350.00

Let your senses take you into a different world with this combination of light relaxation massage, exquisite aromas, and soothing music.  Envelop your senses with any of our 5 signature Aromatherapy Blends for an absolutely blissful experience.



Duration: 60 mins          Php 800.00

This ancient Chinese treatment focuses on reflex points on the hands and feet that correlate to specific organs and integral body systems. Compression to these points helps enhance circulation and create bal-ance from within.



Duration: 90 mins          Php 2,200.00

 This signature massage is pure tranquility!  A special massage incorporating a blend of Swedish, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy and Reflexology massage.  Essential oils derived from therapeutic herbs, flowers, leaves and barks are prepared for each individual guest.  Envelop your senses with any of our 5 Signature Blends for an absolutely blissful experience. This luxurious stress-relieving massage coupled with essential oils will help restore balance and harmony.  Truly, an absolute indulgence!


Duration: 90 mins          Php 2,000.00

For the Asians, bamboo symbolizes life energy, strength, prosperity, longevity, peace, sexuality and fertility. The process of this unique (but) not new) massage employs the use of bamboo sticks of varying length and thickness. The bamboo stalks are used to provide deep tissue work to promote blood circulation, improve sensory nerve perception and drainage of the lymphatic system while also providing a sense of relaxation and relief from tension. This massage also revitalizes the body especially for someone who has been feeling sluggish for some time.



(with rose quarts therapy)

Duration: 120 mins          Php 2,800.00



Duration: 90 mins          Php 2,000.00

This is one of the secrets of the Asian philosophy of beauty for body and mind where inner harmony leads to health and youthful glow.  This unique treatment gives you the sensation of well-being that makes you forget your everyday cares.  Give your body a new vital energy.  This head-to-toe treatment with its sooth-ing fragrance and pressure-point massage with volcanic stones by Babor transports you to another world of total relaxation and activates the flow of your natural energies.



Duration: 90 mins          Php 2,000.00

The ultimate in relaxation, wellness and balance from a healing system that dates back to more than 5,000 years ago.  Let yourself go, right at the beginning, when feet, legs, back, arms and hands are harmonized with this special massage.   Then, switch off your thoughts, lie back and just fully enjoy the intensive neck and facial massage to the full with Rose Quartz Stones as you absorb the feelings of forever love & care with this love stone to achieve the ultimate state of total peace & wellness. To finish off, a head massage will leave you with a sense of well-being for several days to come.



Duration: 90 mins          Php 2,200.00

This treatment harnesses Africa’s three different basic elements and attributes within your reach: closeness to nature, mysticism and originality. Nature’s elements such as lavastone, calcite and rose quartz awaken and harmonise the vital energies. Maracas, wooden African rattles, are used as a harmonizing massage implements, reminiscent of original dance rituals. Special techniques used to apply exfoliating masks stand for power and stamina, rejuvenation and perfection. They are in alignment with the old, aesthetic and cosmetic rites of the Africans. Guests experience a close encounter with African exoticism and mysticism.



Duration: 20 mins          Php 500.00

This relaxing and soothing massagehelps to reduce muscular and nervous tension and induces feelings of peace and tranquility.  More specifically, it helps stress and tension, eye strain, sinus problems, relieves headaches and migraine and improves hair growth and circulation.  The use of oils on your scalp is optional.



Duration: 90 mins          Php 2,200.00

This is one of the most profound forms of massage derived from the ancient healers of Hawaii. With ‘loving hands’, the therapist works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, totally nur-turing the body and enabling you to relax, give in and simply be.  Each massage technique is given in fluid, rhythmic motion using the forearms as well as the hands.  This would feel like gentle waves moving over the body.  Dancework or hula movements are also an important part of Lomi – Lomi. The movements are all important to assisting your energy flow and keeps it unblocked and at a high level.



Duration: 90 mins          Php 2,200.00

Our very own indigenous healing modality and unwavering traditional ritual begins with the identification of areas of imbalance in one’s body using strips of banana leaves previously soaked in mildly heated coconut oil.  The ritual continues with the application of long and deep strokes along energy pathways so that balance and equilibrium is established.


BODY TREATMENTS by Babor & Phytometer


Duration: Approx. 50 mins          Php 1,200.00

Pamper your body and let it appear like new and velvety-soft.  This special scrub is the answer to help you forget every trace of stress and your daily cares.  The treatment stimulates your circulation, giving you a pleasant feeling of warmth, while the many minerals help to flush impurities out of the skin.



Duration: Approx. 50 mins          Php 1,200.00


Duration: Approx. 90 mins          Php 3,000.00

The Dead Sea is the world’s largest ‘Natural Spa’. A unique reserve which is located 420 meters below sea level, its shores are the lowest point on the surface of the Earth.

Millions of years ago, the hot dry air and high evaporation rate have contributed to the high salt concentration present in the Dead Sea, making it one of the saltiest lakes in the world. With more than 30 percent salinity, it is ten times saltier than the ocean and nine times saltier than the Mediterranean Sea 31.5% salt versus 3.5% for the Mediterranean).

The water of the Dead Sea contains 21 minerals including magnesium, calcium, bromine and potassium. Twelve of these are found in no other sea or ocean in the world. Some of these minerals are recognized for imparting a relaxed feeling, nourishing the skin, activating the circulatory system, easing rheumatic discomfort and metabolic disorders.

Exposure to Dead Sea water is acclaimed for nourishing the skin, easing rheumatic discomfort, activating the circulatory system, and relaxing the nerves. Modern science has proven that the minerals contained in the salt and mud of the Dead Sea stimulates circulation, enhances cell regeneration, improves skin tone and provides relief from skin, rheumatic, joint and inflammatory ailments.


Duration: Approx. 50 mins          Php 1,200.00

Experience exfoliation at its finest with natural fango mud from the Eifel – the volcanic region of Aachen, Germany. The treatment well flush out impurities and detoxify the skin cells giving you skin like you’ve never had before.


Duration: Approx. 90 mins          Php 3,000.00

Otherwise known as “healing mud”, Fango is used in a treatment rich with minerals and trace elements obtained from the deposits in the Eifel – the volcanic region of Aachen, Germany.  Relaxes muscle tensions and eliminates impurities in the skin tissue, stimulates the metabolism resulting in an over-all regenerating effect. A relaxing scrub precedes this wonderful wrap treatment.



We offer a gold mine of facials promoting well–being for the body and mind.  After deep-pore cleansing and a detailed skin analysis, skin-care now is the focus of our specialized BABOR facial treat-ments.  An exfoliating cream and specialized ampoules and fluids are followed by Babor’s premier facial massage which forms the highlight of the treatment.  This is rounded off with a mask and a finishing cream to regenerate the skin.


HIGH – PERFORMANCE COLLAGEN FACIAL (for deep lines, wrinkles)

Duration: Approx. 90 mins          Php 1,500.00

Thanks to the intensity of the active ingredients and the treatment sequence, fine lines are instantly smoothed, and the contours of the face and neck are firmed. We recommend that you follow a 6 week intensive course of treatment as this is the most efficient way to provide visible, long lasting results.



Duration: Approx. 90 mins          Php 1,500.00

This treatment not only cleanses the skin, but also regulates the lipid content. After extractions have been performed a few massage strokes will relax your skin and the PURE fluid ampoule will actively supplement the treatment especially for blemished or acne skin. The purifying mask and care cream that finishes the treatment create a sense of instant well-being and inhibits the formation of bacteria.


In a hurry? BABOR’S QUICK FIX Facial are also offered for any of the above facials

Duration: Approx. 45 mins          Php 600.00

*With the exclusion of our premier massage and Fluid / Concentrate.


INSTANT SKIN ENERGY TREATMENT – the Instant Beautifier Party Facial!

Duration: Approx. 90 minsP          hp 1,500.00

This treatment delivers breathtaking beauty in an instant!  Every woman wants to have a perfect complex-ion for big, important occasions.  With this treatment, you can make your dream of having a young-looking, vital and radiant complexion come true.


POWER REPAIR FACIAL  – for aging, dry & dehydrated skin

Duration: Approx. 90 mins          Php 1,500.00

Your skin also needs a little fitness routine now and again.  Get your skin in shape again with full power moisture-inducing active ingredients and the highest concentration of anti-free radical vitamins that you can imagine.   Be amazed by the intensively firming effects, with long-lasting results.


RE-NIGHT REPAIR FACIAL  – a bedtime facial for aging skin

Duration: Approx. 90 mins          Php 1,500.00

A bedtime ritual designed to give your skin a better chance of repairing itself from the effects of the envi-ronment and stress while you sleep.  You will definitely wake up the next day look refreshed and rejuvenated!



Duration: Approx. 90 mins          Php 1,500.00

Too much nicotine can make your skin look dull, tired and exhausted.  The Smoker’s Facial incorporates concentrated oxygen to let the skin breathe instantly. Embedded in a vesicle made of the skin’s own natural ceramides, molecular, highly concentrated oxygen is transported down to the deepest level of the skin.  This facial treatment leaves the skin looking freshly energized, revitalized and radiant!


HIGH – PERFORMANCE COLLAGEN FACIAL – for deep lines, wrinkles

Duration: Approx. 90 mins          Php 1,500.00

Thanks to the intensity of the active ingredients and the treatment sequence, fine lines are instantly smoothed, and the contours of the face and neck are firmed. We recommend that you follow a 6-week in-tensive course of treatment as this is the most efficient way to provide visible, long-lasting results.


In a hurry?  Babor’s Quick Fix Facials are also offered for any of the above facials

Duration: Approx. 40 mins          Php 600.00

* With the exclusion of our premier massage and Fluid / Concentrate application.



Duration: Approx. 90 mins          Php 1,700.00

This facial begins with a deep pore cleansing using the latest peeling technology of papaya and pineapple enzymes coupled with steam to melt away any surface impurities. Followed by a personalized repair fluid to smooth fine lines, prevent lack of elasticity, calm, hydrate and firm your skin. A de-stressing, and relaxing face, neck, shoulder, back and scalp massage is included and the treatment is topped off with a complementing mask cream. Skin is rendered silky smooth, supple and bright.

Note: For fluids, your spa therapist will help you choose from the following:

*Stop-Stress Fluid     – for sensitive skin, calms the skin and prevents feelings of tightness and itching.

*Collagen Booster Fluid   – significantly reduces wrinkles and fine lines; plumps up the skin from the                     inside, improving its tone, elasticity and firmness with long- lasting effect.

*3D Lifting Fluid    –the new generation of cosmetic face lifting- visible 3D skin rejuvenation: face looks as if it has been remodeled and has a youthfully smooth and firm appearance.

*Multi Active – Vitamin Fluid   – for dry, dehydrated skin.

*Lift Express Fluid – the instant beautifier and fluid for all occasions; instantly lends tired, sagging skin a fresh, radiant appearance and creates an even complexion; the firming anti-age fluid with immediate lifting effect.



Duration: Approx. 90 mins          Php 1,700.00

A pale, shimmering porcelain-like complexion is becoming more and more popular. That is why many women find dark patches on their face, neck, décolleté unattractive. Highly effective and special whitening treatments by Doctor Babor now provide a perfect opportunity to lessen the appearance of such pigment disorders. Doctor Babor Whitening Cellular products containing concentrated, stabilized vitamin C and fruits acids can bleach these dark pigments, and also delay melanin formation. For best results continue the applications at home and avoid exposure to the sun and wear a sunscreen with a higher protection factor.


(Sparkling beauty for your skin)

Duration: Approx. 90 mins          Php 1,700.00

Treat yourself to something special now. Pamper yourself with this treatment that will make you feel good, and your skin will love it too. This treatment contains an extract of yeast from fine, white wines which is highly enriched with glutathione, amino acids and B-group vitamins. Every application of these special products supports and promotes all the skin functions, boost cell energy and stimulates the microcirculation. Brightening effects are an added bonus to this facial.



Duration: Approx. 90 mins          Php 2,500.00

An intensive skin firming and nourishing facial in one go. Botox peptides and BTX polysaccharide reduces glabellar lines, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, expression lines, even out wrinkles with anti-double chin effect. Plus, Doctor Babor Lift Up extracts from stemcell and Filler Complex in lipo dipedtide activate the synthesis of Collagen 1 & IV, protein fibrillin 1 & 5 to deliver a synergized lift-up effect. Result: The skin and whole face contour appears firm, hydrated and perfectly nourished with natural glow.


Duration: Approx. 30 mins          Php 1,000.00

Dubbed as “Beauty at the Beach”, this facial for the bikini area is targeted towards spring breakers, holiday travelers, and summer sunbathers. The steps are similar to a regular facial, with emphasis on exfoliation to prevent ingrown or to lighten the bikini area. May be combined with a bikini wax or brazilian wax.


Duration: Approx. 60 mins          Php 900.00

If you suffer from blemishes and spots on your back, try this purifying treatment. Deep pore cleansing with tried and tested ingredients regulate the skin’s lipid content, refines the pores and soothes irritations, giving your skin a chance to regenerate fully.

Also available, our back treatment for dry and dehydrated skin.



Whether in the business world or in your private life where first impressions count, a well-groomed appearance is becoming increasingly important. That is why the BABOR for men range is specially tailored to men’s skin requirements.


Duration: Approx. 60 mins          Php 900.00

As we age, our skin produces less collagen. But the enzymes that break down collagen increase. This reduction in collagen destroys the collagen network and with it, the elasticity of the skin. This quick but intensive treatment definitely acts in the most effective ways to strengthen and firm the structure of the skin from the inside, for visibly smoother, fresh, rosy skin with a toned and youthful appearance.



Duration: Approx. 90 mins          Php 1,500.00

A deep-cleansing facial treatment for our man which includes a  massage of the face, head and shoulder and neck area to ensure total relaxation.


Duration: Approx. 90 mins          Php 1,500.00

A facial treatment for individual skin types including a pressure point massage supplemented by any power ampoules of your choice to thoroughly moisturize the skin, restore its elasticity, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment also allows you to switch off completely for more than an hour.



(Anti-Callus Feet Treatment)

Duration: Approx. 60 mins          Php 800.00

Pamper your feet with Gena Feetness products and discover how foot well-being can create a sense of relaxation and harmony for your body and soul.Gena has taken selected active ingredients from the US and incorporated them into modern products under the motto “Fitness for your feet”. Cutting-edge ingredients in these products have wide-ranging effects aside from effectively removing calluses. They stimulate skin regeneration and the circulation, promote relaxation and prevent inflammations. Another very pleasing effect is due to aloe vera gel, which refreshes the feet, cools and soothes them, provides conditioning moisture and in the process, diminishes stubborn calluses too.



Full Legs Php 800.00
Half Legs Php 650.00
Full Back Php 550.00
Half – Back Php 500.00
Full Arm Php 650.00
Tummy Php 550.00
Chest Php 750.00
Underarm Php 550.00

The Health Benefits of Steam Baths

The benefits of steam baths have been known for thousand of years, Hippocrates believed fever could cure almost any disease, and steam baths and saunas have been used for creating “artificial” fevers since at least the time of Hippocrates.

While both saunas and steam baths are therapeutic, the high moisture content of the steam bath is especially useful for respiratory problems like bronchitis, asthma, and allergies. It is also helpful for cleaning and toning the skin. The large amount of perspiration created by both steam baths and saunas makes the skin soft and purple, and leaves the bathers feeling invigorated and refreshed.


Special Benefits of Steam Baths


We noted that the steam bath is useful for respiratory problems. This is so because steam can clear allergens and mucus from the lungs. For generations, doctors have recommended breathing steam for all kinds of respiratory problems. The steam bath provides a higher concentration of steam than a vaporizer, giving even greater benefits to those with breathing problems.

Steam soothes breathing passages by increasing the moisture content in the lungs, throat, and nose. Anyone suffering from the discomfort of asthma or the common cold can find relief by spending time in a steam bath.

It should be noted, however, that the sauna bath is not a cure for respiratory diseases. It imply provides relief from the symptoms, but is enough for most sufferers to return to the steam bath repeatedly.



Nothing is better for the skin than a heavy sweat. Dermatologist recognized the value of steam in creating a beautiful, healthy glow. Heavy sweating cleanses the skin more thoroughly than soap and water because it opens the pores and allows deep-seated grime and dead cells to be flushed out. In addition, a steam bath improves blood circulation to the skin and this contributes to a healthy, glowing appearance.


Pain Relief

Heat is an effective treatment for muscular pain. A steam bath after a physical workout is a good way to speed up the healing process of injured tissues and muscles. Heat causes the blood vessels to expand which increases the circulation, allowing more oxygen to reach damaged parts of the body. This has the double effect of reducing pain and increasing the healing rate.



Deep rest is one of the most therapeutic ways to heal the body. Our modern life is filled with daily stress, which can build up and causes stress related illnesses like high blood pressure and hypertension. A sauna bath is great way to unwind and relieve the stress of the day. The heat of the sauna causes the muscles to relax, and the steam provide a soothing atmosphere for calming the mind.